The first apartment layout algorithm

Helping you make the right choice

Our Optimizer algorithm is what drives our customized apartment offering. It helps you compare the various spaces available in the building, automatically generating possible indoor layouts to meet your particular needs. And it only takes a few seconds!

Our data scientists, architectural consultants, and designers have combined their expertise to develop the algorithms that recommend the best possible apartments for you. It’s no easy task to fulfill your layout demands while still meeting the technical and architectural limitations specific to the building.

Based on your criteria and the structure of the building, Optimizer calculates the best layout solutions for your future apartment.

You choose the layout you like best. Then our architects draft your custom design.

example generated by Optimizer

example of a finalized plan

Advantages of Optimizer

Saves time

✔ Within just a few seconds, it generates several custom solutions.
✔ The best solutions are ranked to help you make a choice.
✔ Possible layouts are represented in a simple format.

Criteria and standards

✔ It accounts for the building’s structural and regulatory constraints.
✔ The distribution of rooms is checked against the placement of ducts and windows.
✔ The surface area of rooms is optimized relative to your requirements.

Best design possible

✔ Room placement is optimized for daily use (living room near the balcony, bathroom near the bedrooms, etc.).
✔Generated layouts are ranked according to efficiency standards established with our consulting architects.

Easier planning process

✔ A simple, colorful graphic representation to visualize the most essential attributes.
✔ Simply click on your favorite layout to provide direction to the consulting architect as they complete your design.

Choice is everything

✔ Choose among several recommended spaces in the building, depending on your desired floor and orientation.
✔ For each space selected, several possible layouts are also recommended.
✔ Get the widest range of possible layouts perfectly matching your needs.

Beta version

Optimizer is brand new! And so, just like any fine piece of machinery, it may still need a few adjustments to run perfectly. Soon enough we’ll be able to take off the training wheels. Thanks for your understanding!

How are the layouts generated?

The dwelling’s outer shell is created, taking load-bearing walls into account.

Handling of architectural constraints: windows and ducts.

Room placement based on the configuration completed online.

What can be modified?


The room size and shape are shown as a guide. They don’t represent the final design of your future apartment, but rather a suggested layout. Our architect will finalize the design for you.

Load-Bearing Walls

They can’t be completely removed, but openings can be put in to provide access to rooms.

Don’t see any hallways? That’s normal!

Don’t worry, you won’t need to go through the bathroom to have breakfast. Areas for moving around the home depend on the layout; these are taken into account. They will only be drawn when the final design is created.

What is part of the apartment’s structure?

Apartment Shell

These are the walls surrounding your apartment. They cannot be modified.

Service Ducts

Used for water inlets and drainage, these depend on proximity to bodies of water. They therefore cannot be moved.

Front Door

The entrance to your apartment is linked to shared parts of the building, so it cannot be repositioned.


Windows and French doors are part of the building’s outer shell. As with front doors, then, they are not movable.

Outdoor Spaces

Here we’re talking about balconies, loggia, and private gardens. These are not movable.

Some figures


Up to 8 million combinations are tested per design to best fit your criteria.


Number of spaces recommended out of the various combinations in the building, taking your preferences into account.


Layouts selected for each space, out of thousands of suggestions.


Our algorithm can generate over a million possible combinations of apartments within a single building.

1 year

The time it took us to develop the tool that will revolutionize interior organization.


Lines of code. Very simple.

Future developments

3D Visualization of apartment spaces

To help you situate recommended spaces in the building for your apartment, we plan on displaying them directly in the building in 3D.

Performance optimization

This will allow layout recommendations to be generated faster and faster.

More detailed visualization

To make the distribution of your rooms within suggested layouts as precise as possible.

Try it out for yourself on one of our projects!

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© 2020 habx - All rights reserved