Our Values

Designing and selling a future living space is not an action to be taken lightly. We take this mission very seriously here at habx. Our daily work is therefore guided by a few major principles. Here they are.


We are primarily motivated by the happiness felt by a family living in the apartment they thought up. We want to be proud of our mission and of how we treat each of the people we interact with throughout this process that matters so much to them. Goodwill is a simple fact for us.


Giving residents a central role in designing their future home is our purpose. To do this, we work side by side with them. Our role is to be a bridge between all players in the building process. There’s no progress without cooperation.


We strongly believe that value cannot be created without innovation in the mix.
“It’s always been this way” is not a convincing argument to us. We challenge ourselves every day to find new solutions that will enable us to offer our clients something better.


As information becomes more and more accessible to all, we think transparency is essential. As information becomes more and more accessible to all, we believe that trust must be central to an excellent customer experience.
We exercise transparency with our clients, whether the news is good or bad!


Buying property is a complex process. To simplify it, it’s crucial to know all the ins and outs. That’s what is required of us. And so, we master every element of a real-estate project so we can support you at every stage of your project.


Buying a future home is a significant thing to do. We take our business very seriously, and we’re always by your side to ensure the best purchasing experience possible. We only work with partners that share this standard of responsibility.

Our Code

Because we believe that constructing a new building is a major responsibility, toward both future residents and society as a whole, we have outlined four criteria for responsibility that we, along with our partners, uphold.

Urban and Environmental Responsibility

The environment seems to be one of the biggest challenges for cities in the future. To face this challenge, we want to:

  • promote the construction of residences that help to create an eco-friendly city,
  • and promote the construction of residences that minimize their environmental impact.

Social and Economic Responsibility

We believe our actions have a long-term impact on the daily life of those residing in the homes we offer, as well as more generally on the town they become apart of. And we accept responsibility for that impact. We therefore uphold:

  • the transparency of our model,
  • and collaborative work with local stakeholders.

Personal and Collective Responsibility

We believe in the importance of living together and in the fullness provided by communal activity. We therefore hope to:

  • make group housing congenial by including ample, novel, and high-quality shared spaces, allowing everyone to own more together;
  • and facilitate collective life by designing buildings specially for residents.

Urban and Environmental Responsibility

We believe that the design and quality of homes have an impact on residents’ well-being. That is why we value the importance of architecture and hope to:

  • restore its central role in the process of designing new residential buildings,
  • and make high-quality living spaces available to as many people as possible by reducing intermediary costs, without ever cutting into quality.
© 2020 habx - Tous droits réservés
© 2020 habx - Tous droits réservés