For your next apartment, customize it

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Unfortunately, finding the right apartment can turn out to be virtually impossible! Poorly arranged, standardized, or not suited to your lifestyle, accommodations on the market aren’t always appealing.

Buying your next home should be simple, reassuring, and above all, should allow you to truly fulfill your needs and desires.
And that’s why we created habx.

The idea is simple. We identify high-quality construction projects so that you can set up and buy your own custom apartment on the future site. Your apartment, your choice!

How does it work?

Choose one of our projects

We partner with top-notch real-estate developers to offer you new residential buildings. We only select projects with high standards and in a good location.

Describe your dream apartment

With our online configurator, you can specify where you want each room to be, along with choosing a spot in the building. We can assist you by phone to help you convey what you want.

Meet with an adviser

We’ll meet with you to help you design your own custom layout, which will then be drafted by an architect. We’ll make adjustments based on your comments. You’re not alone! Our advisor is here to assist you in the decision-making process.

Make a reservation!

Happy with the layout? Now all you have to do is reserve your future apartment by signing an online reservation contract.

What difference does this make?

A home that’s just for you

You’re unique, and your home should be too. This is now possible thanks to our online configurator.

Extra choice without extra fees

You buy directly from the developer at a price we’ve negotiated for you. Zero hidden fees. Fully transparent pricing.

A quick and simple process

Take advantage of powerful, user-friendly online tools. Preview your options to make the right choice. Buying real estate doesn’t have to be complicated.

Complete support

Our team of real-estate experts is at your service, available to meet with you, advise you, and help you at every stage of your purchase.

With habx, you can customize and buy your new apartment without extra costs and without extra hassle!

Want to know more?

Who actually builds my apartment?

The projects we offer are completed by first-rate real-estate developers. They are the “project supervisors”, which means they are financially and legally responsible for the operation. You buy your apartment from them. For each operation an architect is hired; they are the “main contractor” for the operation. They design the building and draft the apartment layouts. Finally, construction is done by building companies, which are led by the project supervisor.

What does habx do?

We are an intermediary between you and the property developer that will construct the building you will be living in.
Our role is to:

  • assist you in buying a personalized new apartment, through the use of our tools and
  • and allow the developer to offer and sell an offering of customized new homes in their operation.

How can you offer customization free of charge?

We only offer buildings on which construction has not yet started. So at this stage, it won’t cost the property developer very much to modify their project in order to take your requests into account. In exchange for this effort, the developer can more closely match their offering to demand, and therefore market it more effectively. Savings in marketing expenses and fees make up for any expenses related to customization. And that allows us to offer it for free!

Who pays you?

We are compensated directly by the real-estate developer for our marketing services, purchaser support, custom design creation, and apartment sales.

How much time does it take?

Once your particular requirements and project have been confirmed, we can offer you a custom design within 48 hours, which you can learn about at a meeting with the adviser in charge of the operation. Once the design is approved, you can then reserve your apartment. Construction typically takes between 18 and 24 months, at the end of which you’ll be able to move into your brand-new apartment built specially for you!

Design your dream apartment now!

© 2020 habx - All rights reserved
© 2020 habx - All rights reserved